My Life

The life of Marion Mavis.

welcome tumblr

I am a nineteen year old student studying for my BA in English Literature.

My Dad is my hero.

I love ketchup chips.

I’m awkward. With lots of weird facial expressions.

I voice my opinion. Good or bad.

I love Disney Movies.

I have recently become very fond of the colour pink.

Writing is my passion.

I work in a factory. I Work as a data entry clerk.

One word to describe me: WEIRD.

My sister tells me I should be a comedian, but I really don’t think i’m THAT funny. just kidding I know i’m funny.

I day dream a lot.

I moved around a lot as a kid.

I love Rotties.

Just because I am a Canadian, does not mean I live in an igloo. My penguin does.

I can never eat the last bite of food.

I’m afraid of the dark (which I weird since I write paranormal.)

My favourite piece of clothing is my SKATER PUG shirt that has a picture of a pug riding a skateboard.

I usually paint my nails black.

I collect antique oil lamps.

I sleep with like six pillows. Do not ask me to share, because i wont.

Socks annoy me.

Sometimes i have these weird urges to clean my entire house all at once.

I like photography.

I watch movies a lot.

I like to go on hikes in the fall.

My mind is on the constant marathon of life.

Suddenly became interested in running 3km a day.

Starting to do calligraphy.




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